Cyclone destroys 52 houses in Northwest

Heavy rains, thunderstorms, strong winds and cyclones caused heavy damages in some places in the previous days.
Particularly, a cyclone swept through Northwest province of Lai Chau on June 5 caused three people injured and 52 houses destroyed.

Earlier, a heavy rain accompanied with thunderstorm experienced in Hanoi capital on June 4, leaving  two people missing.

The two missing people were were members of a six people rowing amateur group. According to the initial information source from the police, the group divided into three pairs to start rowing their boats across West Lake (Ho Tay) during the bad weather condition. Suddenly, strong wind blew their boats when the boats swam couple meters from the lakeside.

Police and rescuers looked for victims under the heavy rain on Wednesday. Currently, they found a victim dead.

In the related weather news, the heat wave continued to hit the Central provinces with the highest temperature of 35-36 degree Celsius, meanwhile the temperature in someplace reached 38-39 degree Celsius on Thursday.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the weather will be hot in day time meanwhile it is forecast to have rain and  thunderstorm in some areas after the sunset.

By press group- Translated by Huyen Huong

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