“Jangmi” typhoon weakened into tropical depression

Jangmi storm was weakened into a tropical low pressure in east southeastward of Spratly Island, reported the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center yesterday.

Satellite photo of the tropical low pressure (Photo: the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center)

By 1pm today, the storm will be located at 550 kilometers of east southeastward of Spratly Island, at 7, 1 degrees north latitude and 116, 7 degrees east longitude.

In next 24- 48 hours, the tropical low pressure will mainly move toward west southwest, with its speed of 20 kilometers an hour.
By 1pm on Friday, the pressure will generate at 300 kilometers of southwards of Spratly Island, at 6 degrees north latitude and 112 degrees east longitude.
Because of influence of pressure circulation and an additional cold front, East Sea’s eastern territorial water and Spratly Island’s southern territorial water will face strong wind speed of level 6- 7, gust level 8-9, sea rough. The bad weather situation is alerted at level 3.
In the related weather new, the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center reported that the weather will be sunny daytime and no rain at night in provinces across the country during New Year’s holiday.
Particularly, the lowest temperature in northern midland and delta will be 11- 13 degrees Celsius, meanwhile temperature in northern mountain provinces will reach 19- 20 degrees Celsius on January 1- 3.

By January 4, deep cloud will shoulder over the northern regions, and moisture also will drop down rapidly, causing dry weather daytime and cold weather in early morning and night.

Deep cloud, heavy rain on the large scale will sweep through the central provinces from Quang Binh to Binh Dinh on January 1-2.

By January 2- 3, showery weather and thunderstorm will threaten over provinces from Danang to Binh Thuan. On January 4, it will be sunny daytime and showery weather in the evening on the large scale will appear in the area of central south and Central Highlands provinces. 

By Phuc Hau- Translated by Huyen Huong

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