How to Prevent the Corruption of Power

The author shares his views that the prevention of power corruption can only be done with only one thing, which is the development of democracy in the fight against corruption. 

Power tends to lead to corruption. But not everyone who seizes power is corrupt. There exists shining examples of leaders who are fully aware of their responsibilities as “public servants”. And those people are highly revered.

V. Hugo was so right when he said: “Look at the public and you’ll find the truth”. It is because the public are everywhere, and they can hear and see everything. However, people have two eyes and two ears but only one mouth, so they speak less. Speaking less, however, does not mean knowing less.

Therefore, if the government really wants to prevent corruption, it should keep close contact with the public and listen to their opinions.

It is also a way to avoid the situation of “absolute power” when a senior leader has so much power that he or she can ignore everyone.

Furthermore, the 10th National Congress Resolution reads: “The public are not only entitled but responsible for making and executing the Party’s policies and the State’s laws”.

President Ho Chi Minh also said: "In order to win the war (against corruption) we should mobilize the all-out strength of our people and rely on the public".

Thus, it is possible to say that the “absolute power” should be given to the public only.

By Tuong Lai - Translated by Thuy Hang

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