Discovering Phu Yen

500 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Yen can be reached by following Highway 1A out of the Khanh Hoa Province and through the Ca mountain pass. With the stunning beauty of both the mountains and the sea, this little known city is a perfect idyll for tourists.

Da Dia Mountain in Phu Yen.

Although the city itself is not yet a popular tourist destination, the landscape here is breathtaking. In fact the un-spoiled, natural beauty here can often be seen on Vietnamese postcards Vung Ro Bay, Tam Giang Lagoon, Bai Mon Beach and Da Bia Mountain are all famous beauty spots.

In the center of the town of Tuy Hoa, the capital of Phu Yen, is the 64m high Nhan Mountain, on top of which lies an old Cham pagoda. Built of only bricks and no mortar, amazingly the 11th Century Pagoda still stands to this day. From here, it is possible to have a good general view of Tuy Hoa and down the Da Rang River. Anyone visiting the Nhan Mountain on the day of the full-moon can also participate in the unique Nguyen Tieu poetry festival.

There are 18 lighthouses along Viet Nam’s Central Coastline, one of which, the Dien Cape Lighthouse, can be found on a headland to the South of Phu Yen. Also known as Cape Varella, the lighthouse here stands at 26m high and has over 100 steps spiraling up to the top. It is this landmark that stands at the Eastern most tip of Viet Nam and therefore attracts tourists who wish to be the first in Viet Nam to see the sunrise on any given day.

It used to take hours to reach Dien Cape by boat, but nowadays it is possible to get there in just a few minutes by car, simply by following the seaside asphalted road from Tuy Hoa. At the foot of Dien Cape lies Bai Mon Beach. Nestled between two mountains, the small bay has clear waters and a stunning sand dune similar to Hong hill of Ne Cape. The area is ideal for anyone wishing to go camping, swimming, or those who simply want to enjoy great seafood.

By Quy Thuong

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