Largest solar power station built in Vietnam

Intel Products Vietnam heralded a grand opening of the largest solar power station in Vietnam at the Saigon High-Tech Park on April 23.

Rich Howarth, General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam with Le Hoai Quoc, Management Head of Saigon High-Tech Park, and Shelly Esque, Vice President at Intel Corporation (from right to left) at the new solar power station

After nearly five months of construction and a cost of approximately US$1.1 million, the new solar power station is expected to supply about 30 per cent of Intel’s total electricity consumption in a year for the next 20 consecutive years.

This new solar power station, comprising of 1,092 solar panels and 21 adapters, can directly provide the company with around 321,000KWh of electricity per year without using rechargeable batteries, equivalent to electricity consumed by 500 households in Vietnam.

This is the first and only solar power station built by Intel Corporation in Asia, many times bigger than the ones assembled by Intel in Israel and in Oregon, in the US.

Rich Howarth, General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam, said that the new solar power station would help reduce 221,300 kilos of CO2 emissions into the air every year, equivalent to emissions from 600 motorbikes.

According to Dr.Le Hoai Quoc, Management Head of Saigon High-Tech Park, this new solar power station can become an effective model for the national campaign ‘Better and Cleaner Environment’.

Shelly Esque, Vice President of Intel Corporation and Global Director of the company's Corporate Affairs Group, stated that this is an initial step to the expansion of Intel’s investment in solar power worldwide.

In related news, on April 23, Nokia Corporation began construction of its mobile phone factory in the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in the northern province of Bac Ninh.

The 17-hectare factory is expected to become fully operational by the beginning of next year. To be built at a total investment of $302 million, it will produce around 180,000 mobile phones per year and provide jobs for more than 10,000 workers with an average income of $300 per person per month.

By T.Han – Tr.Binh – Translated by Yen Nhi

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