Outstanding Research to Be Recognized by Government

At a press conference outlining an upcoming review of state-level scientific and technological research projects in the period 2001-2005, the Vice Minister of Science and Technology announced yesterday that thirty of the projects will be recognized for their contributions to the development and application of science and technology in Viet Nam. 

Vietnamese scientists’ research works make great contributions to the country’s development of science and technology

Recognition will be awarded to four social science / humanity and twenty-six science / technology studies. 
At the conference it was noted that noticeable improvements have been made in this round of projects including better management of documentation and a more transparent system for the recruitment of the organizations and individuals needed to carry the research out. This led to a fresher and more competitive environment, encouraging more creative potential.
The Ministry of Science and Technology put into practice ten of the social science and humanity projects, one natural science project, and ten technology projects during the past five years.
Most of the projects were based on demands from the realities of everyday life and commercial / industrial needs and were later effectively employed by the Ministry in a wide range of applications, notably agriculture, fisheries, medicine, ship building and engine manufacture.
By using a reality based approach to solving scientific and technological problems, Vietnamese scientists’ research capabilities have improved significantly.
Viet Nam’s level of technological competence in areas like vaccine production and gene technological has achieved world standards.
The review will take place at the National Conference Center in Ha Noi on December 30.

Source: VNA – Translated by Yen Chuong

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