Viet Nam Gains a 3-1 Victory over Malaysia

Viet Nam yesterday overwhelmed Malaysia with a 3-1 victory which seems to be a good indicator on their path to the football championship dream in the 24th Southeast Asian Games being held in Thailand.

Vietnamese "Golden Boy" Cong Vinh cheerful after victory over Malaysia
In their opening Group B match, Malaysia strengthened their defense, combined with slow attacks in the early part of the first half. However, viewers in the stadium recognized that strategy definitely was a trick when they made several sudden, fast attacks in the penalty area of Viet Nam.

In the 14th minute, Malaysian player, Zambri made the first threat to the goal of Duc Cuong, with his searching penalty kick from the right wing, which promptly turned into a volley aimed at a dangerously vulnerable spot of the goal. However, the outstanding goalkeeper Cuong immediately moved to successfully block it.

Five minutes later, Vietnamese player, Vu Phong replied to Malaysia with a free kick from the left wing perfectly being delivered to the goal of Malaysian goalkeeper, Syed. However, it missed when Syed also blocked it successfully like Cuong.

During the last period of the first half, these two teams continuously made dangerous attacks on each other, but all goals were missed.

The two most impressive attacks belonging to Malaysian player Shafiq and Vietnamese player Cong Viet, in the 30th minute and 43rd minute respectively.

The first half ended with no scores.

After the kickoff in the second half, Malaysia decided to switch their strategy from defense to attack. However, Viet Nam tended to use a more effective strategy and subsequently took the lead in the 47th minute.

After receiving a pass from his teammate, Vietnamese striker Cong Vinh did not waste any time. He made a speedy attack searching effectively for the goal of Syed.

Facing Syed in the end zone, Vinh decisively fired a successful thunderstorm kick into an empty net.

The Malaysian team was upset and became determined to win or at least, even the score. Malaysia continually made storm-attacks to the end zone of Viet Nam but all their efforts were useless.

The goal of Cuong, Viet Nam’s goalkeeper became quite unbreakable as Cuong was able to block all Malaysian attempts at goal. In particular, the great kick of the Malaysian captain and striker, Safee in the 50th minute and an attack of the daredevil striker, Putra in the 60th minute.

Vietnam almost doubled their score with the speedy and decisive shot from a distance of 25m in the 63rd minute, however, it hit the goalpost and was thrown out.

Three minutes later, Vietnamese football fans enthusiastically shouted the name of the Vietnamese “golden boy”, Cong Vinh when he doubled the score to two-nil. After receiving the perfect pass of striker Thanh Binh, Vinh immediately delivered a speedy cross kick into the path of Syed who wrong-footed and misinterpreted Vinh’s shooting angle.

The match seemed to increase its tempo when Malaysia made the rapid attacks aimed at evening the score. Due to the carelessness and wrong direction of goalkeeper Cuong, Safee and Zaquan, Malaysian found the precious opportunity to shorten their loosing streak to 1-2.

However, Malaysia saw in the distance their final loss when the score was tripled for Viet Nam, thanks to a decision of the Vietnamese coach to replace Minh Chuyen with Duy Nam in the 79th minute.

The newcomer, Duy Nam quickly kept with the speedy tempo of the game.

After a short time, from the right wing, Vinh, delivered a skillfully executed shot from a free kick, that moved past two Malaysian defenders and directly went to Nam. Nam promptly realized the opportunity to score and went to the Malaysian goal and finished with a close range shot from 16.5m.

In the other Group B match, Laos surprisingly held Singapore to a goalless draw yesterday.

Tomorrow Viet Nam will compete against Singapore while Malaysia will meet Laos. 

By Trung Viet – Translated by Truong Son

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