Vietnam to select new coach for national football team

Just like magicians, Vietnam Football Federation continuously change their plans to find someone to replace coach Calisto: For the coach, the foreign ones has become the dosmetic ones…99 percent have been the foreigners!! The way VFF turn all the things over makes people think that they are just playing a game in order to explore public opinion.

Coach PTH (right) confidently thinks that he can absolutely lead U23 team on SEA Games 26, would VFF agree on this or not? (Photo: Bach Nhat)

Why foreign coach?
Until now, VFF still seems to be very private in their process of finding a new candidate who can replace the head coach position of Mr Calisto. Among tens of candidates that we have right now, people just can guess that VFF seems to prefer Peter Reid, David Booth, Almeida or Gede for the best position.

In short, VFF has not made their final decision yet and still wants to keep things in secret in order not to be bothered when negotiating with those “hard” guys. 

However, there is one thing that VFF is gradually making real: Bring out three Vietnamese candidates while mainly looking for a foreign coach to replace Calisto. That makes many people doubt, VFF themselves are using tricks to explore public.

In real, a foreign coach has become their best preference and it is specified in their drastic steps. That is why Nguyen Trong Hy, president of VFF, after some hesitating moment, timidly said that: “The last decision is all of the community”.

Not only that, VFF has already given the target for the next foreign coach: getting the Gold Medal at 26th SEA Games ! For a Vietnamese coach, this target would turn into getting a ticket for the final round of 26th SEA Games . So, pracitically talking, choosing a foreign coach would obviously helps Vietnamese football be more “joyful” than using a Vietnamese coach.

Who is the brave?
Not very long time ago, answered to SGGP sport, coach Phan Thanh Hung proclaimed, if he were chosen, he would readily step out to receive the task of leading the Vietnam Olympic team.
He refused to run for the head coach position of the National team and admitted that he was more suitable for young footballers, not for famous players.

Hung also said that he would only take the job for some requires: full powers to determine the speciality, being treated more kindly than the time he led the Viet Nam Olympic team at Asian Games 2010 and he would just lead the national team for a short time. If he were satisfied with those requirements, he would rush in the “hot” position, even if he had to lead the team at 26th SEA Games, said Hung.

Then who is the brave? Mr Hung, confidently and courageously, dares to take the task. Yet, with VFF, it seems that finding the leader is not simply included in some factors, like the way they has played tricks to explore the public.

By Ngoc Linh – Translated by Ngoc Son

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