VN Vs Malaysia: Who enters semifinal and who not?

Due to a loss to Thailand last week, the Vietnamese footballers are required to defeat Malaysia on December 8 at the Surakul Stadium of Phuket to stay safely in Group B. Let’s see the comments and predictions about the upcoming match by three sport experts:, Thailand’s coach assistant Steven Darby; Malaysia’s coach Bhaskaran R. Sathianathan; and the leader of Vietnam team – Henrique Calisto

Two representatives of Group B in the semifinal will be Vietnam and Thailand, says Steven Darby (Photo: Tuoi Tre Newspaper)

Vietnam will win: Steven Darby
When being asked about Vietnam, he said : "It has a close and cooperative formation, and all players know how to cooperate with one another to carry out wise attacks. They also show good attitudes and a desire to win.”
“The most important thing Vietnamese players must do now is to temporarily forget last week's loss. If they can recover their spirits, I believe they will win. I quite understand the strength of Malaysia since I worked for the Perak Club of this country during the last three years. Their level is lower than Vietnam.”
Though envisaging a bright future for Vietnam, the English coach also warned Vietnamese footballers not to neglect a possible threat by Malaysia, since “Their team combines the strength of the youths and the experience of the mature. Coach Sathianathan succeeded in forming a team with multi-skilled playing. I highly appreciate their defense, and their midfielder Muhammad Shukor Adan and striker Mohd Safee Mohd Sali

Malaysia will be much more vigilant against attacks by Vietnam, says B.Satiananthan (Photo: SGGP)

Vietnam plays better than us: Bhaskaran R. Sathianathan

The head coach for Malaysia ranked Vietnam second place in the group of Southeast Asian, after Thailand. “The score 0-2 can not say anything about the real strength of Vietnam. If anybody thinks of it as a proof to predict that Vietnam will fare worse than Malaysia, then I can say that he is definitely wrong.”
“I am impressed by the performances of three Vietnamese players: Thanh Luong, Cong Vinh and Viet Thang”
“For the match on December 8 against Vietnam, I will change my strategy from combining defense with attacking, to strengthening the defense and quickly holding counter-attacks if chances come. Now we have three points and need at least one from the upcoming match to safely enter the semifinal. I believe we can do it”

The match against Malaysia is a must-win match for Vietnam, says Henrique Calisto (Photo: SGGP)

This is the last chance for us at the Cup: Henrique Calisto

Mr. Calisto believed that the situation has become more difficult for Vietnam since Malaysia has three points at present while Vietnam is still empty-handed. He suggested that would be the encouragement for Malaysia to play better in the upcoming match. “If Vietnam wants to defeat Malaysia, Vietnam has to leave the sadness behind and recover the strength and the spirit. I think our chances still exist”
When being asked about the strategy of Malaysia, Mr. Calisto said :“Malaysia has a solid defense. I also highly appreciate the performances of two Malaysian attackers Indra Putra Mahayuddin and Mohd Safee Mohd Sali. These two are the target of our defenders. Defeating Malaysia is not an easy mission but I believe the loss to Thailand will become a positive motivation for Vietnamese players to double their efforts. And the most important thing is that our players will show a teamwork attitude during the match”
“Malaysia plays in the 4-1-4-1 format so Vietnamese footballers are recommended to carry out their attacks from the left and right wings. Their midfield is one of their weaknesses which Vietnamese players will take advantage of.”
Mr. Calisto also talked about the formation of Vietnam in the next match “I will have some changes in the formation for the upcoming match but I cannot announce the change now. About the position of Cong Vinh, I still consider whether to put him in the official formation. To me, Cong Vinh is the top choice, but he did not do well at the last match. I can recognize that he played much worse than what he showed during the training.”  

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Source: SGGP + Tuoi Tre Newspaper + Thanh Nien Newspaper – Translated by Truong Son

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