HVG, CPC announce dividend payment

Hung Vuong Corp (HVG) announced to close its shareholders’ list on January 15; advanced cash dividend payout ratio at 10 percent for the second term of 2014 and issue bonus shares ratio at 10 percent. HVG will buy shares to its current shareholders at ratio of 3:1.

PGS, HVG issue & buy shares

Petrovietnam Southern Gas Joint Stock Company (PGS) is estimated to issue 12 million shares to current shareholders with ratio at 31.5 percent in 1st quarter 2015, aiming to increase its chartered capital from VND 380 billion up to VND 500billion.

HPG, HVG, DNM issue shares

Hoa Phat Group (HPG) announced Private Equity New Markets II K/S (PENM II) has registered to sell 4 million shares within one month starting November 11, aiming to reduce its ownership rate of 11.57 million shares, equivalent to 2.4 percent capital of HPG. Earlier, PENM II registered to sell 3 million share but it was not completed.