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Peak of hot season 2018 lasts from May to July

The peak of this year’s hot season will fall in May, June and July, with temperature even reaching 40 Celsius degrees, according to Dr. Nguyen Phuc Lam, head of the Climate Forecast under the National Center of Hydro-Meteorology Forecasting.

Health Ministry enhance treatment of diseases in hot season

As the country has been under the grip of a heat wave the Ministry of Health yesterday sent an urgent dispatch to its departments and hospitals, asking to increase personnels to ensure for treating people in the hot weather.
Cold shareholders’ meetings in hot season

Cold shareholders’ meetings in hot season

Annual general meetings (AGM) of listed enterprises this year are expected to be very quiet amid the slumping market and negative earning results, brokers said.

Hanoi to see temperature changes: scientist

Hot season in Hanoi capital will be longer in next years due to impacts of climate change, Dr. Nguyen Duc Ngu from the Centre of Science and Technology of Hydrometeorology and the Environment said on November 10.