“Among Cloud” Festival – Sapa 2006

Mong tribe's women at a brocade shop
Le Hoi Tren May (“In the Cloud” Festival) – Sapa 2006 is to be organized in Sapa foggy town on April 28 to May 3, 2006.
There will be many traditional sport and cultural activities, such as Cuisine Fair, Photo Exhibition and Sapa Ornamental Tree Fair.
In the artistic photo exhibition, tourists will be given a chance to enjoy the best photos of Sapa from its past and present.
In the town’s park, “Sapa's Love Market” will be relived in the evening with traditional cultural activities: singing love songs of Giay and Dao tribes, catching the bride of Mong tribe or Giay tribe’s wedding in the night, etc.

In Ham Rong tourist area, there are musical performances of Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho tribes. The tribes will also introduce their local produces and special food to tourists.

Sport competitions like tug of war, stilt walking, crossbow shooting and jogging, etc, will also take place in the festival.

The organizers will display tribal typical products, for example jewelry, working tools, musical instruments, brocade embroidering process.

Besides, the fair of fashion and tourism with more than 130 counters is also organized in Sapa stadium.

“In the Cloud” Festival – Sapa 2006 is the chance to showcase Sapa’s diversified tourist products and promote community tourism to attract domestic and foreign holiday-makers.

Source Vneconomy – Translated by Kim Khanh

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