Corn Noodles of Phu Yen

Corn noodles are made from corn and is very delicious and sweet-tasting if noodle makers use the corn from the Tuy An and Dong Xuan areas of the central province of Phu Yen.


For a long time, corn noodles were a traditional product of the Tuy An people. Over 90 percent of the population of Tuy An made corn noodles however in modern times young people have not followed family traditions. At present, only a few families remain making crn noodles in this area.


Visitors will have a chance to taste corn noodles during festivals or Lunar New Year. Corn noodle soup is quite different from other soups as the soup is cooked with Giang leaf and goby fish which is caught at the O Loan lagoon. If one doesn’t have the time to follow the traditional recipe, mixing fish sauce with chili then adding the mixed fish sauce to the broth and the corn noodles will make a satisfactory variation.


Those who travel to Phu Yen shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste the corn noodle soup at the Chi Thanh market in the An Dan commune.



PYB –Translated by K.M

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