EU to help Vietnam develop tourism

Kenneth Atkinson, managing director of Grant Thornton Vietnam stated that the European Union plans to grant 11 million euros (USD 15 million) to help Vietnam develop its tourism sector.

He said the EU will focus on issues like exemption of visas to Vietnam.

Several Asian countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore have exempted visas for international visitors and hence made it more convenient for a large number of visitors from the European Union. Visa exemption will help Vietnam attract more visitors as well.

The five-year program aims to train tourism administration staff in environmentally and socially responsible tourism as well as policies, planning and management of tourism. Over 5,000 tourism sector workers from disadvantaged areas will be trained.

According to a Grant Thornton survey, visitors from Europe hold 30 percent of the foreign tourist traffic in Vietnam, while Asian countries bring in 21 percent and the remaining come in from America and other countries.

Developing a sustainable coastal tourism sector is a top priority on the next 10 year development plan by Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism, who will submit their report to the Prime Minister.

By M.Hanh – Translated by T. Huong

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