Luxury Resort to be built at Ban Gioc Falls

A luxury resort will be built at Ban Gioc Falls in Dam Thuy Commune of Trung Khanh District in the northern province of Cao Bang, according to Saigon Tourist Company, the main investor of the project.

                            Ban Gioc Falls

Cao Bang Province is home to eight minority groups such as Dao, Thai and has much tourism potential.

The Pac Bo historical sites, and the beautiful landscapes of Thang Hen Lake, Pha Den Biodiversity site and Nguom Ngao cave already attract many visitors.

Among them, the grandiose and beautiful Ban Gioc Falls is one of the many tourist destinations. From the top of the limestone mountain range, Ban Gioc Falls drop deep into the blue river.

So far there is no tourist accommodation at this wonderful natural landscape site and much needs to be developed here, including proper traffic, as the area offers great natural produce, fresh air and wonderful weather.

The construction of a luxury resort will help the province to develop economically and keep borders safe.

Source: VNA – Translated by Kim Khanh

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