Municipal Tourist Security Force in Ho Chi Minh City

The municipal authorities have just set up the first tourist security force to safeguard visitors and ensure their safety in the biggest city of the country.

The team consists of 108 members of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Volunteers Force, dressed in green uniforms with badges and nametags. They can communicate with visitors in English.

The force will mainly patrol  in the city center, particular district 1 and 3, from 8h to 23h everyday, and come to help and protect tourists when they are bothered by beggars, hawkers, robbers or traffic disorders and other problems. They will also give information to visitors if requested.

According to Mr Le Huy Cuong, deputy director of the tourist security force, the city’s authorities had originally intended to establish the tourist police but circumstances did not allow that to happen.
Besides, the tourists might not feel comfortable to have the police hover about them. So the tourist security force of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Volunteers Force is the best choice.

It is a positive step for the city’s tourism, to make its image better in foreign tourists’ eyes.
People can contact the force by the temporary 24 hour hot line of 08.510 6573 which is open all day and provisional office at 13 Dien Bien Phu street, Binh Thanh District.
The new hot line and office will be announced next week. We will soon update information for readers.

Sources SGGP, TT – Compiled By Kim Khanh

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