Negligence defaces Lam Dong landscapes

The Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of the central highlands province of Lam Dong has called for the closure of degraded establishments and tourism projects in prominent destinations.

  Than Tho Lake is covered with water-fern and litter

The department’s recommendation to the province’s People’s Committee accuses enterprises of failing to invest properly in the areas whose tourism potentials they exploit.

“Investors lack ability to invest or have enough but do not invest. They mainly exploit the landscapes.

“Besides, the department recommends that enterprises invest with the right aims; however, they just promise and do not deliver”, department head Do Van The said.

There are 31 areas identified as tourism destinations are famous, and have great historical and cultural value.

However, the investment capital in developing them has not been high, and execution has been slow. Exploiting the landscapes without investing in maintaining them makes the place run down.

The department says that tourists do not want to visit many places because of the poor condition and poor services. The attractiveness and competitiveness of Lam Dong tourism is undermined by the shoddy work of the enterprises.

It estimates that more than 50 percent of the main tourism destinations and sights in the province, and 10 of 17 national monuments have been degraded.

“Enterprises have to reinvest from 3-5 percent of their turnover to repair, maintain and beautify the tourist areas, and organize cultural activities. However, they do not heed this” says Dinh Ba Quang, head of the Cultural Heritage department.

The Prenn waterfall was recognized as a national heritage in 1998. It is well located, but the facilities and products there have become jaded and monotonous. The waterfall has suffered from severe environmental pollution in recent years.

The fate of the Cam Ly waterfall in terms of pollution, but the spot is still open although the department has repeatedly called for its closure.

Another sufferer is the tomb of Nguyen Huu Hao (father of Nam Phuong Queen).

All these areas are managed and exploited by Da Lat Tourism Services Joint Stock Company, Quang noted.

The Than Tho Lake has languished for more than three years since an investor was supposed to implement a project, without any progress.

The Gougha Waterfall has disappeared from sight because of the Dai Ninh hydropower project.

The Pongour waterfall is always thirsty during the dry season. In the heart of Da Lat, the Xuan Huong Lake has an offensive smell.

Enterprises tasked with developing and maintaining these areas will be inspected and their projects recommended for closure if they have not met the stipulated conditions.

Source: Thanh Nien newspaper, By Gia Binh – Translated by H.Mien

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