Viet Nam’s WTO Accession to Achieve Positive Final Result

Bilateral talks in between Viet Nam and the United State on its bid to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) have started last week in Geneva, revealed US Ambassador to Viet Nam Michael W. Marine on March 28.

The talks reportedly took place from March 24-26, before the 12th session of the Working Group (WP) for Viet Nam's WTO Accession and the Vietnamese Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen was in Geneva to join the negotiation round with the US.

As announced recently by the National Committee for International Economic Co-operation, the discussion focused carefully on the opening of goods and service markets and the Viet Nam-US bilateral talks are likely to reach a conclusion soon.

According to Head of Viet Nam’s WTO Negotiating Commission Luong Van Tu, the country is moving towards final agreements with the US in spite of several remaining multilateral-related issues such as the business rights and industrial subsidies.

Viet Nam is speeding up improvements in technology and production to prepare for WTO Accession.

However, from a reliable resource of the Viet Nam Negotiating Commission, the two sides will jointly hold one more negotiation round within the next six weeks, aiming at reaching the final conclusion soon.


At the12th multilateral talks taking place on March 27, the working group focused on four main contents, namely reviewing the process of Viet Nam's bilateral negotiations and law building program, the working group's draft report and its working program in the near future.

Norway’s Ambassador to the WTO Eirik Glenne, who is also Chairman of the party, stressed that Viet Nam’s efforts in its bilateral negotiations have so far contributed successfully to the acceleration of its accession process.

Regarding current talks with Honduras and Dominica, these two countries have completed the remaining matters and officially declared the conclusion of their bilateral negotiations on opening markets. The agreements on the conclusion are expected to be signed on March 29 in Geneva.

Viet Nam to date has concluded WTO talks with 28 partners. Mexico and the US are the last two partners for the country to negotiate. However, according to an official of the Vietnamese delegation, there remain only a few matters to negotiate with Mexico, which are expected to be resolved in the next few days.

Source: TT – Translated by Trong Khuong

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