13th APEC Finance and Central Bank Deputies’ Meeting Opens in Ha Noi

APEC Finance and Central Bank Deputies began a two-day meeting in Ha Noi on Sept. 5 to prepare for the upcoming 13 th APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting (FMM-13), scheduled for Sept. 7-8.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Deputy Finance Minister Tran Xuan Ha said: “The meeting plays a very important role in the APEC finance cooperation 2006 by providing us with an opportunity to review the progress of the whole process in 2006.”

During the two-day meeting, the APEC Finance and Central Bank Deputies will discuss the two main themes of “promoting public finance efficiency and sustainability: towards stable and efficient revenue sources” and “financial sector reform to attract capital flows”.

They will review the process of finance cooperation so far and consider some additional initiatives, as well as propose to the ministers the strategic initiatives for further improving the effectiveness of the process and contributing to the APEC Summit’s process.

The delegates are also expected to review the nine initiatives on finance cooperation taken and implemented by the APEC member economies, to review the working agenda of such initiatives, and to endorse the draft Joint Statement of the FMM-13.

Source: VNA 

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