1,000 enterprises contribute VND 90trln corporate income tax

The Vietnam Report Corp announced the 2016 top of V1000-1000 Vietnamese enterprises list in terms of paying biggest income tax in Vietnam, aiming to honor and encourage enterprises to contribute to the state's budget collection.

The top 10 enterprises include the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, Viettel, Petro Vietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation...

The total tax paid by the 1,000 largest enterprises was over VND 90trillion, an increase of 11.87 percent compared to last year, accounting for 10.41 percent of total state's budget revenue.

While the top 100 enterprises contributed nearly 75 percent.

The state-run enterprises have always been major source contributing 60 percent of total income tax payments.

Ng.Quang-Translated by T.Tran

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