Maritime Bank awarded "Global Currency Award 2014"

Maritime bank has promulgated VND 3,000 billion specific credit product for 50 top rubber exporting companies only.

The product will be good for the companies such as diversified loan purpose, preferential interest rate, and flexible collateral, competitive percentage said bank

The product satisfy timely mobile capital in 2 stages: loaning before delivering including loaning for reserving purchase, loaning before delivering with output contract (preliminary loan, commercial loan) and credit level after delivering according to the output contract.

Maritime Bank has just been named “Global Currency Award” in 2014 from Wells Fargo.

The award aims to glory the financial institutions having the largest and most efficient total multi-foreign currency payment and transaction through global paying system of Wells Fargo.

This award affirms that Maritime Bank is a prestigious partner of domestic and foreign multi-banks markets with its foreign transaction revenue in 2013 of US$ 47 billion, compared to US$38.6 billion in 2012 and US$29.7 billion in 2011.

Source: ĐTTC -Translated by Mai Quyen

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