Build Up Trademark - “Infoodco Distributor”

Infoodco's 30th anniversary of establishment. (Photo: SGGP)

Saigon Joint-Stock Industrial Food Company (INFOODCO) has commemorated its 30th anniversary of establishment from the predecessor Ho Chi Minh City Industrial Food Company, a state-owned company under the management of Saigon Trading Group (SATRA).

On this occasion, the company was honorably awarded the Traditional flag from the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee for its duty accomplishment and contribution to the city’s development in the last 30 years, and the Certificate of Merits from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for its great contribution in the sugar-cane industry.

“Infoodco has had better conditions to build the trade mark “Infoodco Distributor” since it was converted into a joint-stock company and a subsidiary company of Satra.

This is because, besides the prestige of its trade mark, its ability and accumulated experiences, it is trusted by the parent company Satra, manufacturers, customers and consumers.” said Nguyen Thi Minh Thai, the company’s director.
In the period of 1992-2005, the company has concentrated on doing the oriented businesses, and stably moved up in the critically competitive environment of the market in the integration process. At this time, the name INFOODCO came into being.
The company specializes in industrial food, mainly sugar, milk, beer, beverage, and has expanded its business abroad. Thanks to having an obvious target, determining business line and commodities in details, the company is able to have a strategic orientation: logical organization with efficient, dynamic small staff in good unity and cooperation striving together to develop the company into one of the strongest subsidiaries.
 In this difficult period, the company’s effective activities were officially certified with the third-rate Labor Medal by the Sate in 1998.
Satra's Department of Charity and Social Affairs is granting 10 houses to households in Cu Lao Dung District, Soc Trang Province. (Photo: Dam Thanh)
In the new operation model, Infoodco has the charter capital of VND30 billion (the State’s capital is VND15.3 billion), and 230 shareholders, many of whom are the company’s close customers for years. The company has proposed goals to mobilize and use capital effectively to develop itself, maximize profits, and expand activities of production, business, and service to serve domestic production and exports.
For instance, Infoodco continues to renovate styles and modes of doing business, customer policies, invest in upgrading to a more professional distributor and to meet higher and higher demands of clients and consumers. For the year 2005, the company is targeted for VND1,200 billion in its total revenues, VND5.1 billion  for post-tax profits and 12% dividend rate. 
To make comments on Infoodco, the Chairman of the Sugar-cane Association of Viet Nam Le Van Tam said “As the Association’s member and a long term customer of sugar companies in the whole country, Infoodco has made contributions to speeding up the development of the sugar-cane industry and has had tremendous impacts on regulating the market". 
 He hopes Infoodco will be much stronger and deserve the trust of the Association, producers as well as consumers in its new operation model as a joint-stock company.

By Dam Thanh - Translated by Yen Chuong

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