Businesses Get Busy with International Expositions

A boom in international expositions started in Ho Chi Minh City on Nov. 3 with a trade fair of goods made by Chinese businesses.

The fair entitled "Great Market" has attracted 117 Chinese enterprises, including industrial and trade groups in the mainland of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

On display are almost 300 booths showing a large diversity of products, ranging from food processing and confectionaries to textiles, leather shoes, chemicals, plastics, household utensils, electronic appliances, information technology and telecommunications, and machinery.

The event will last till Nov. 11.

Alos in Ho Chi Minh City are preparations for an international exposition on shipbuilding and maritime equipment, scheduled for Nov. 7-9. It is co-sponsored by the HQ Link Pte Group and the Viet Nam Trade Fair Advertisement Centre.

The Maritime VietNam 2006 organising board has received the registration of some 200 enterprises both at home and abroad to participate in.

There will be the participation of shipbuilding powers such as Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany and China.

The exposition will see seminars on solutions to global challenges to the Vietnamese maritime industry and development orientation for the Vietnamese ship-building.

Up to the northern border province of Lao Cai is the expectation for a trade fair on Viet Nam-China border trade and economy, which is due to take place in Yunnan province, China, from Nov. 8-17.

Businesses and officials from Lao Cai province are reported to bring proposals for simplified customs procedures and visa grant at the border gates for third country citizens to discuss with partners from Yunnan province. The two provinces will also discuss projects of cooperation in building bridges over the Red River and upgrading the road and rail systems from Lao Cai to Yunnan.

Source: VNA 

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