Cement Prices Remain High Despite Increased Supply

Despite an increase in the supply of cement, the retail price in the city is still much higher than its factory price.

The retail price of Ha Tien cement is VND85,000-90,000 a bag

Last week, 60,000 tonnes of cement poured into southern cities and provinces from factories in the North.

At building material stores in HCM City, various brands of cement based in the North, including Hoang Thach, Hoang Mai, Cam Pha and Fico, are currently displayed for sale.

The retail price of cement, however, is still much higher than its factory price. The price of site delivered Cam Pha cement is VND80,000 while Fico cement goes for VND82,000 a bag, if the site is located within 2km from the store. The retail price of Ha Tien cement, a band with a plant in Ho Chi Minh City, is VND85,000 - 90,000 a bag.

Store owners said that they cannot lower the price they charge because they must buy the cement for a wholesale price of VND78,000 to VND79,000 per bag. They stress that they must pay VND1,000 a bag to loaders.  

By Lac Phong - Translated by Phuong Lan

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