Container train halves freight rate between Vietnam, China

Vietnam Railway (VNR) said that the corporation has successfully organized the first container train linking Vietnam with China halving freight rate compared to road transport.

The first container train connecting Vietnam and China (Photo: VNR)

The first container train connecting Vietnam and China (Photo: VNR)

The train's organization aimed to intensify trade between the two countries, said the VNR.
According to the VNR's calculations, the train reduces transport time to only four days with quick and convenient customs procedures while it takes 15 days by sea.
After the first pilot run, it is expected that the two sides will organize one train trip a week and then increase to three trips a week.
The train starts from Huanggang station, Nanchang city, Jiangxi province, China and arrives at Yen Vien station, Hanoi, Vietnam, transporting 33 containers of export items such as office furniture, food and auto parts. Afterwards, it returns back to China with Vietnamese goods such as farm produce, minerals and electronic products.
Vietnam Railways said that it would continue opening more trains from Vietnam to other cities of China in the upcoming time. The two sides are making efforts to connect with customers to organize transit goods trips from European and Central Asian nations to Vietnam through China and vice versa.

By BICH QUYEN – Translated by Hai Mien

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