Entrepreneurs expect Gov’t to perform more drastic actions in integration

On the occasion of the Vietnam Entrepreneurs’ Day--October 13--Sai Gon Giai Phong interviewed some entrepreneurs to listen to their thoughts and opinions about integration in 2015, which is considered to be a landmark of Vietnamese business environment.
This year, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will be established and the Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as many other free trade agreements will be signed, opening a new phase of deeper and wider integration.
Reform quality more important than paper cut

According to Director of Vietnam Meat Industries Company Van Duc Muoi, Vietnam has entered a deeper and wider integration phase this year requiring it to improve competitiveness and further changes in economic institution.
The Government has showed its determination do that but management levels have yet to completely reform to run the country. They have still used old infrastructures since the centrally planned economy time in their ways of thinking and doing to implement new mechanisms and policies.
Only when mechanisms and policies are studied and implemented synchronously, it will be able to mobilize all resources for economic development. Economic restructuring should be carried out synchronously to get high effectiveness.
If the Government determines to reform institutions quickly and strongly, they will obtain results soon.
A strong economy can not lack large companies. The Government should rather provide them with better assistance mechanisms and polices to create a strong business community than release obligatory conditions for them to follow.
In administrative reform, authorized agencies should more focus on its quality or benefits to residents than statistics on how many procedures have been reduced.
Government should play business role

Chairman of Saigon Trade and Production Development Company Tran Quoc Manh says that 2015 is a special year to entrepreneur community. Integration has forced them to progress or drop out from the game. To do that, the Government should play the role of a company instead of being concurrent with businesses.
The Government should act as a management board and entrepreneurs should be director generals. It will concentrate on economic diplomacy to bring businesses with opportunities and minimize barriers for them to go abroad.
It should better equip firms with knowledge of free trade agreements such as TPP to compete with foreign giants in integration yard.
Businesses themselves should change the way of thinking and doing with their own knowledge, experiences, and skills and spirit to get successes since 2015.
More drastic actions by Government

Mr. Nguyen Tri Kien, director general of Minh Tien Handbag Sewing Company, stated that it is only two months the 2015 fiscal year will wrap up but the economy has not progressed well since early this year, purchasing power has been low.

Although interest rate has much reduced, many businesses have not been brave to get loans.
Assistance mechanisms to them have not been specific, institutional problems have not been solved thoroughly.
Businesses have been in front of new opportunities from TPP and AEC but the Government has yet to take drastic actions to assist them. For instance, handbag making industry needs to improve material origin to enjoy incentives from free trade agreements. However Vietnam has abandoned this field and imported materials from many countries.
In addition, the country’s technical barrier system has been weak to protect local firms from integration risks.

By Thuy Hai – Translated by Hai Mien

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