Finance Ministry drastically reclaims tax arrears

The Ministry of Finance has instructed tax and customs agencies to drastically and immediately reclaim VND34 trillion (US$1.52 billion) tax arrears from big companies who have been affordable for but delayed payment.
Total tax arrear has reached VD76 trillion (US$3.41 billion) so far, according to statistics by the ministry.
About VND42 trillion of these have been uncollectable because of irresistible reasons. Besides many big firms have intentionally delayed the payment of VND34 trillion although they have been able to do that.
The ministry has recently inspected 15-20 percent of 500,000 production establishments who have made tax declaration and payment themselves, to ensure that they have done that properly.
The ministry would continue inspecting companies with long delayed tax arrears.

By Han Ni – Translated by Hai Mien

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