German enterprises continue seeking investment opportunity in Vietnam

German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam)’s a recent survey showed that the business confidence, outlook and expectations for the next year rose in comparison with the previous year.

“German enterprises are now seeking for investment opportunities and for further investment in Vietnam, because they see Vietnam as an attractive destination in term of all integration encourages of Vietnam’s government (EU-VN FTA, TPP) and other location advantages of Vietnam”, says Mr. Marko Walde, Chief Representative of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam.

More than half of the German companies are positive with the future of Vietnam economy and they (47 percent) expect a better situation of economic development in Vietnam.

Nearly 70 percent of German companies, the largest group of respondents said that they thought their business situation at this time is good in response to the question of how businesses perceive their general business situation.

Further investments in Vietnam with more labor demand for 2017, 54% German investors saying that they consider increasing their investment in Vietnam next year and 58 percent will hire more employees for their investment plan.

23 percent of the German participants in Vietnam are from the industry and construction sector, 58 perent from the field of Services and 19 percent of them are trading companies.

By Tran Linh

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