Local gold prices higher than world gold prices

This morning, the gold price of SJC posted at VND 36.00 and VND 36.50 million per tael in Hanoi market.

In HCMC, the Sai Gon Jewelery Company (SJC) listed its buying price at VND 35.85 million and selling price of VND 36.50 million per tael.

Meanwhile Bao Tin Minh Chau Jewelry Company in Hanoi bought  a tael of Thang Long Dragon gold for VND 33.36million and sold at VND 33.81million.

The price of gold in the world market this morning was sold at US$ 1,138.1 per ounce, a reduce of US$ 3 per ounce compared to the same period last day.

After converting according to the Vietcombank's foreign exchange rate, the world price of gold was equal to VND 31.36million per tael, lower than the price of SJC gold around VND 5.1million per tael.

DTTC-Translated by T.Tran

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