Prices of Agricultural Products, LPG Decline

Prices of agricultural products and essential foods dropped sharply in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday.

Prices of vegetables drop sharply yesterday

At the Hoc Mon agricultural wholesale market, prices of vegetables like potatoes, cucurbit (a type of gourd) and cabbage lost VND200-300 (US$0.012-0.018) per kilogram over the last week.
Fruits like apples, oranges, durians, dragon fruits, mandarins and pears declined by VND200-1,700 (US$0.012-0.106) per kilo at the Thu Duc wholesale market.
Seafood shed VND1,000-6,000 (US$0.06-0.37) per kilo from early this month at Binh Dien market and poultry and livestock prices also fell dramatically yesterday at markets and farms.
At the Pham Van Hai market, best-quality pork (Type 1) shed VND1,500 (US$0.09) to VND46,000 (2.87) per kilo and Type-2 pork fell VND2,000 (US$0.125) to VND41,000 (US$2.56) per kilo.
Unlike previous years, duck and chicken prices are expected to decline this year though Christmas and the holiday new years due to increased chicken imports.
Some six LPG companies, including Saigon Petro, Saigon Gas and Gia Dinh Gas, knocked VND4,000 (US$0.25) off the price of a 12-kilogram LPG canister today, resulting in a retail price of VND245,000-250,000 (US$15-15.6)per canister.
Ha Dinh Sang, Deputy Director of Dai Quang Minh Co., a major distributor of LPG in HCMC, said LPG companies reduced their prices because sales had slipped at prices seen over the last ten days because consumers had begun to replace gas with other fuels.

By Mai Thi, Lac Phong – Translated by H.Yen

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