Prime Minister Pledges to Facilitate World Bank-Funded Projects

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung met with Viet Nam’s newly appointed World Bank Country Director, Ajay Chhibber in Ha Noi yesterday where he pledged that Viet Nam would do its utmost to execute World Bank-funded projects promptly.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (R) receives Ajay Chhibber, the new Viet Nam Director of the World Bank

He made it clear that “Viet Nam will take stronger measures to speed up reforms for sustainable development of their market economy and for deeper integration into the global economy.”

The Prime Minister stated that the Government would make greater efforts to use the Official Development Assistance more effectively, which he said is not only Viet Nam’s responsibility to the World Bank and other donors, but more importantly to the people of Viet Nam.
On the issue of governance, PM Dung stated the government’s determination to fight corruption and build a cleaner, stronger and more effective government.
The Prime Minister promised to continue the reform process so that Viet Nam can have a full market economy in the near future in order to integrate further into the global economy.

He took this opportunity to express thanks to the WB for their assistance during the tenure of Klaus Rohland, Chhibber’s predecessor, and said that Viet Nam expects to receive further aid from the world’s largest development bank in the coming future.

Prime Minister Dung spoke highly of the World Bank’s contribution to the development of Viet Nam, their analytical and policy advice and the support they have given to various programs and projects. 

He also acknowledged the World Bank’s role in co-chairing the Consultative Group meetings for Viet Nam with the government, a format he said should continue in the future. 

In reply, the new WB-Viet Nam director, Ajay Chhibber, praised Viet Nam’s impressive achievements in poverty reduction and economic growth.
Mr. Chhibber stressed that a strong and effective government is essential to ensure sustainable development. In this spirit, he affirmed that the World Bank would remain a strong partner with Viet Nam in its efforts to become a middle-income country by 2010.
Future World Bank support for Viet Nam will follow the Country Partnership Strategy, which by both sides agreed upon before its launch in February earlier this year, Mr. Chhibber added.
In his capacity as new Country Director of the World Bank in Viet Nam, Mr. Ajay Chhibber will also focus on maintaining a strong and constructive dialogue with the Government of Viet Nam, as well as providing active support to the harmonization efforts of the government and donors.
Mr. Ajay Chhibber also met yesterday with the Governor of the State Bank of Viet Nam, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Industry, and representatives from the donors community and non-government organizations.
Today, he met with the Minister of Planning and Investment, Minister of Transport, and with the President of Electricity of Viet Nam to further discuss the World Bank’s support to Viet Nam’s development and reforms.

By Hoang Yen

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