TH True Milk invests $ 2.7bln for milk cow farm in Russia

The Vietnamese dairy firm TH True Milk has just singed a US$ 2.7billion project to invest its farm on dairy cow breeding and build the manufactory on processing of dairy products in Russia.

Under project, the TH True Milk's farm will raise 350,000 milk cows and the manufactory has its capacity of 5,900 tons per day, equal to 1.8 million tons of milk per year.

In addition, the TH True Milk will develop a 140,000 ha areas for planting. The TH group's project is scheduled to run in 10 years from 2015 to 2025 and it is expected to put into operation in 2017.

The project will start construction in April 2016 and for the first phase, the TH group will invest about US$ 500million.

T.van -Translated by T.Tran

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