Vietnam to stop using diesel 0.25%S from 2016

The Prime Minister has agreed with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s proposal to stop producing, importing and using diesel 0.25%S from January 1, 2016.

He instructed the ministry to issue documents to abolish regulations related to technical requirements and standards of the product.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will be in charge of releasing documents to remove regulations on the production, import and trading of diesel 0,25%S. They are also tasked to review the reserve of this oil and the number of households using it to have suitable transitional regulations and ensure the right of relevant sides.

Vietnam is now using two types of diesel including 0.05%S for road vehicles and 0.25%S for waterway vehicles.

According to VPG News (Government Web Portal), the use of diesel 0.25%S causes more environmental pollution than that of diesel 0.05%S.

The later one’s price is higher than that of the former type, which is feared to result in trade fraudulence. Besides, the circulation of two diesel products in the market also raises difficulties for related agencies and petrol wholesale businesses on quality management.

Therefore, the Ministry of Science and Technology had made the proposal to stop using diesel 0.25%S from January 2016 aiming to protect consumer rights and environment.

This time is suitable with the oil's production, import and trading. It will help businesses sold out their reserves as per contracts have been signed.

By Lam Nguyen – Translated by Hai Mien

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