Vietnam to strive for higher GDP growth by 2015

At a meeting presided over by Dinh The Huynh, politburo member and Head of the Commission for Popularization and Education on December 11 in Hanoi, it was concluded that the country must strive for Gross Domestic Product growth to touch US$2,300 by 2015.

In the meeting, Bui Quang Vinh, Minister of Planning and Investment, reported on the socioeconomic situation in 2013 and mission for 2014.

The meeting concluded with setting targets for 2014-2015, which included average economic growth by 6 percent a year and annual export turnover increase by 10 percent a year.

In addition, the country will strive for GDP growth per capita to hit US$2,300 by 2015, with rate of consumption growth at 7 percent.

Moreover, the volume of trained laborers will be 55 percent by 2015 and over three million laborers will have fulltime employment.

GDP growth in 2014 is expected to close at 5.8 percent, as against 5.4 percent in 2013; rate of consumption growth will be around 7 percent and trade deficit at 6 percent of export turnover.

To obtain the above targets, macro economy needs to stabilize; inflation to go down, difficulties eased for enterprises, economy to be restructured, and social welfare improved; environment and climate change should also be considered and corruption must be tackled.

By Tran Luu - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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