Egypt Levies Anti-Dumping Tariffs on VN Fluorescent Lights

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry has decided to impose anti-dumping tariffs on fluorescent lights of 18-40 Watts imported from Viet Nam, Thailand, China, India and Indonesia, according to the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade.

The punitive tax for China is US$0.44 per light; US$0.26--0.45 for India; US$0.33 for Thailand; US$0.17--0.32 for Indonesia.

Regarding Viet Nam, the tariff for Rang Dong Co. is US$0.36 per light and that for other producers is US$0.43.

These primary taxes will be imposed in four months and may be extended to two more months. Egypt will conduct further probes before making the final decision.

Reported by Viet Lan – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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