Enterprises pledge to stabilize pork prices

The Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City on December 17 had a meeting with relevant departments to seek for solutions to stabilize the price of pork from now to lunar New Year.
According to Ms. Nguyen Huynh Trang, deputy director of the city’s Department of Industry and Trade, at the present, pork supply still meets daily needs. However, due to extremely high pork prices, concerns over the African swine fever and disbelief in food quality at traditional markets of consumers, pork consumption at traditional markets and some supermarkets has experienced a slump. Pork consumption at price-stabilized stores, such as Saigon Co.op, Satra and Vissan, increased by 30 percent thanks to stable prices, ensured quality and traceability. Besides, consumption of products, including poultry meat and vegetables, all rose by 10-15 percent because of stable prices.

Departments have basically agreed on some solutions for prices and meat supply. Some enterprises which are proactive in pig supply as they raise pigs, such as Saigon Agriculture Corporation and CP Vietnam, all pledged to increase supply for price stabilization program at the selling prices announced by the Department of Finance. They proposed the HCMC People’s Committee to maintain the price level announced by the Department of Finance on November 13 and asked the municipal People’s Committee to instruct the Department of Information and Communications and the Food Safety Management Board to widely inform people about increasing use of imported frozen pork to replace fresh pork or use alternative food, such as poultry meat, poultry eggs and aquatic products.

According to Ms. Nguyen Huynh Trang, consumers can be assured of the quality of frozen pork and its prices are much lower than fresh pork. Increasing use of frozen pork will also lessen tension on fresh pork supply during the year’s end. If consumers shift to use frozen pork and other fresh food, there definitely will not be a shortage of pork and selling price of pork will not also be too high.

By Hai Ha – Translated by Bao Nghi

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