Export Processing and Industrial Zones Develop Rapidly in HCMC

The city’s 12 industrial zones and three export processing zones have attracted over 1,000 projects worth US$3.53 billion, 12% of the whole nation’s total investment in export processing and industrial zones, reported Mr. Vu Van Hoa, of the city’s export processing and industrial zones (Hepza) Board of Management.

A worker in Tan Thuan export processing zone.

Moreover, about US$ 11.5 billion of the export turnover has been collected from all the export processing and industrial zones. Over 220,000 people have found employment in these areas.

From now to 2010, Hepza is expected to attract more investment from high-tech industries to produce high class products and a skillful labor force.

Hepza will give top priority to developing electronics, telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceutical, construction, food processing and service industries.

To help local entrepreneurs upgrade their production technologies and equipment, Hepza has cooperated with the HCMC Department for Science and Technology to examine the technology levels of all the export processing and industrial zones in the city from May 14 to August 8.

By Q.H – Translated by Khanh Hong

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