First 200-ton Sugarcane Club in Mekong Delta

Farmers harvest sugarcane in Mekong Delta

The first 200-ton sugarcane club in Mekong Delta with 64 members has been founded. Those members are farmers in Phung Hiep District, Hau Giang Province, who have reached the yield of more than 200 tones of sugarcane per hectare.

Twelve members, out of 64, have reached projected yield of 250 tones of sugarcane per hectare, 3.5 times higher than average in the Mekong Delta.

The Can Tho Sugar Company (CASUCO) is expected to award more scholarships for children of the club’s members, while providing seeding varieties, farming techniques and meeting venue to make the club become more attractive, said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, General Manager of the CASUCO.

By C.H.P – Translated by Hoang Uy

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