Food, beverage industry sees growth

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said the food and beverage sector has continued to increase in quantity and quality.

The food and beverage sector is considered as potential industry in major cities of the country which have improved living standards.

It is forecast that Vietnamese people will consume more food in the period 2011-2016. The food proportion will increase by 5.1 percent. It is estimated that the industry’s turnover will reach US$30 billion.

Consumption per capita surges by 4.3 percent a year. It is predicted that for 2011-2016, the industry’s sale will hike by 7.5 percent and the turnover will increase by 10.5 percent.

Soft drink industry is forecast to post an increase of 8.2 percent in turnover and of 6.3 percent in sales.

Along with the development of the food and beverage industry, the equipment and packaging have seen the drastic growth.

By Bich Quyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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