Gasoline jumps another VND500 per liter

From midnight April 9, the gasoline price rose by VND500 a liter. It came after a joint decision by the ministries of Finance, and Industry and Trade due to the continued increase in global petroleum prices. 

A liter of gasoline now costs VND14,700.
A liter fuel oil increased by VND1,000 to stand at VND11,500, while the price of kerosene has dropped VND500 to VND13,150 a liter.
The price of diesel remains unchanged. 
Gasoline companies said that despite such a hike, they still suffer a loss of around VND1,000 per liter of petrol after deducting transportation costs. 
On the Singapore Exchange, a barrel of A2 Petrol currently costs US$82 and a barrel of diesel $80. 

By Ngoc Quang – Translated by Phuong Lan

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