Gasoline price reduced further

The Ministry of Finance has once again asked petrol businesses to reduce the price of gasoline by VND600 a liter from Monday, July 2, making this the fifth reduction in just two months.

Gasoline price was again reduced by VND600 a liter on July 2 (Photo: SGGP)

The price of Ron 92 gasoline will slash by VND600 a liter to now retail at VND20,600.

The price of diesel and kerosene will also slash by VND200 to cost VND19,900 and VND19,850 a liter respectively.

Engine oil price will reduce by VND300 to cost VND17,650 a kilogram.

Price of petrol has now reduced five times within the last two months, bringing the total reduction to VND3,200 a liter in this period.
However, petrol businesses will still have to make a mandatory contribution of VND300 on every liter sold towards the price subsidized fund.

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By Ngoc Quang – Translated by Hai Mien

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