Gasoline price reduces VND701 a liter

The price of ethanol gasoline blend E5RON92 reduced VND577 a liter to VND19,268 while RON95-III price dropped VND791 a liter to VND20,122 from 3p.m. on January 30.
Diesel price also reduced VND412 a liter to VND16,136, kerosene slid VND473 a liter to VND15,062, mazut price decreased VND265 a kilogram to VND12,444 on the same day.
According to requirements by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance, businesses must contribute VND100 a liter of E5RON92 gasoline they sold to the price stabilization fund. The contribution level is VND500 a liter of RON95 and diesel, VND400 a liter of kerosene and VND200 a kilogram of mazut.
Businesses have been asked not to spend the fund on stabilizing the prices of all petrol products.

By Ha My - Translated by Phuong Ho

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