Ho Chi Minh City to Supply Over 5,000 Tons of Pork, Beef in Lunar New Year

Demand for pork, beef is rising on the Lunar New Year.

Pork and beef supply is expected to meet the rising demand of the city’s residents during Tet holidays, when chicken is banned according to the city’s guiding.

According to the Steering Board for Avian Influenza Prevention and Control in Ho Chi Minh City, over 5,000 tons of pork & beef will be ready to serve the city’s residents in the Lunar New Year, instead of over 1,000 tons of chickens disappearing from menu.

Food suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City, including the Saigon General Trading Corporation, Saigon Agricultural Corporation, Saigon Cooperatives (Saigon Coop) and Ho Chi Minh City’s Food Corporation are involved in the preparation.

Meanwhile, the city also assigned two private slaughterhouses named Phu An Sinh and Huynh Gia Huynh De to prepare chicken and other poultry products for necessary reservation.

However, according to Pham Van Minh, Director of Phu An Sinh Company, only 70% of the demand for chicken can be satisfied. Thus, the chicken price is expected to soar during the Tet holidays.

Currently, the prices of chicken have been on an increase of around VND 13,000 to 18,000 per kilogram.

By C.P – Translated by Trong Khuong

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