Husbandry export hits US$850 million

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, husbandry export hit more than $855 million by October this year.
Vietnam has sold nearly 8,800 tons of pork earning $44 million; 17,800 tons of poultry netting $18.8 million; 7.4 million eggs making $1.4 million.
Additionally, exports of 23,000 tons of honey also generated $28.7 million, dairy products produced $230 million and animal feed material brought $516 million home.
As of end of 2018, the country legally exported 171 batches of processed chicken weighing 1,080 tons to Japan earning nearly $6 million. In eight first months of the year, Vietnam sold 1,200 tons of processed chicken.
Nine Vietnamese exporters have sold eggs and salted eggs to Singapore, Japan, South Korean, Cambodia and Laos. In addition, exporters also sold breeding eggs to Myanmar.

BY THANH HAI - Translated by ANH QUAN

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