Import Tariff on Used Vehicles Go Up

In an effort to reduce the trade deficit, the Ministry of Finance has increased the import tariff on used vehicles effective Tuesday. This measure is also intended to ease traffic congestion nationwide.

The tariff for a vehicle 15-seats (including the driver’s seat) and smaller will be increased by US$3,500 – US$30,000, according to Ministry of Finance Decision No. 23/2008/QD-BTC. The larger the cylinder capacity of the vehicle, the higher the tariff imposed.

Cars with five seats and a cylinder capacity of 5,000 cubic centimeters or less will be subject to a tariff of US$3,500 and US$30,000 each, depending on model and brand.

Automobiles with six to nine seats and cylinders of 4,000 cc or less will be subject to a tariff of US$10,800 to US$24,000.

Vehicles with ten to 15 seats and cylinders of 3,000 cc or less will subject to a tariff of US$9,500 to US$17,000.

By Staff writers – Translated by Phuong Lan

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