January export-import turnover at highest level in years

According to the General Customs of Vietnam, total export and import turnover of Vietnam exceeded US$43 billion in January this year, the best January performance in the past few years and two times higher than that in the same period in previous years.
Meanwhile, average export-import turnover of the first month of the year from 2012 to 2018 was around $23 billion.
Noticeably, export-import turnover in January was $2.9 billion higher than that in the previous year, of which, total export-import value of domestic enterprises rose by $1.92 billion whereas foreign direct investment enterprises merely increased by $973 million.
Exports alone brought in more than $22 billion. Garments and textiles nailed an increase of $810 million from the same period last year; machineries, equipment, device and spare parts posted an increase of $415 million; and footwear recorded an increase of $351 million. These three aforesaid product groups are export products with export turnover of above $1 billion.
Total imports touched $21.2 billion. The main imported products included machineries, equipment, devices and spare parts with an increase of $522 million, crude oil with an increase of $390 million, automobiles with an increase of $256 million and coal with an increase of $205 million.

By Che Han – Translated by Thuy Doan

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