Kinh Do Bakery sells out sweetmeats prepared for Tet

Kinh Do Bakery announced that by January 23 the company had already sold out all its stock of 3,800 tons of sweetmeats prepared for the coming Tet festive season.

High-quality cookie product line Korento, which accounts for 20 percent of the company’s revenue, posted robust sales thanks to its quality, eye-catching design, and competitive price compared to that of foreign product lines.

Kinh Do had to increase production of this particular product line to meet market demand.

By the end of January, purchasing power of essential goods and confectionery is expected to become more vibrant as consumers will increase spending to prepare for Tet Lunar New Year celebrations with their families and for distributing gifts.

The company forecasts that sweetmeat consumption during the Tet festive season will exceed their target by 10 percent while that for high-quality cookie Korento will exceed by 30 percent.

By Yen Lam – Translated by Thuy Doan

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