Korean enterprises seeks investment opportunities in HCMC

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ho Chi Minh City Branch (VCCI-HCM) and K-Fish Trade Promotion Center (South Korea) co-held the Vietnam - Korea trade exchange in food and seafood industry on July 24, aiming to develop the two sides’ bilateral trade turnover.

The food items, especially the processed foods have accounted for a large proportion of the market in bilateral trade turnover recently.

The K-Fish Center has frequently launched exchanges, promotion program to introduce Korean products to Vietnamese consumers and to access to Vietnam’s potential market.

Republic of Korea (RoK) becomes the leading investor in Vietnam and is the most important trade partner. It is expected that the two countries strive to gain bilateral trade turnover of $ 100 billion by 2020.

MINH HAI-Translated by Ngan Duong

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