Majority helmets in market are substandard

Around 70 percent of helmets sold in the market today are of substandard quality, claims the Market Surveillance Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The agency, in conjunction with Hanoi Market Surveillance Board, carried out an inspection of shops and stores that sell helmets, on February 25, and confiscated more than 2,300 substandard quality helmets. Besides, many shops were found not to have any business registration licenses or valid papers to prove products' origins.

These helmets had price tags of VND30,000 and VND 60,000 each, while safer, stronger and authentic helmets cost much more.

Many of the shop owners claimed that what they were selling was just for fashion and to be worn by pedestrians to sidetrack the traffic police.

Many of these helmets violated copy rights act as they were fabricated with well-known logos, such as Gucci, Vespa, Liberty, or even names of football teams.

However they do not provide much protection for motorists, as they are made from a thin layer of plastic with a lining.

Inspectors found that these types of helmets easily cracked at minimal impact.

The Market Surveillance Agency informed they would continue inspections, but added that it would take cooperation from the public to achieve effective results.

Statistics from the Vietnam-German Hospital in Hanoi shows that 33.8 percent of accident victims not wearing helmets suffer some type of head injury. 

Public opinion demands that relevant ministries and organs like the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Public Security, and Transport, collaborate to seek measures to produce, import, trade and market safe and better quality helmets.

translated by MT

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