Mandatory regulation considered to consume gasoline E5

The Government should consider issuing a mandatory regulation for consumption of gasoline E5 with ethanol because consumers prefer conventional petrol to the blend, said Dang Vinh Sang, Saigon Petrol Director General.

The Saigon Petrol One Member Limited Company is one of the pioneers for the distribution of the blend.

Consumption of gasoline E5 is meeting with difficulties because consumers are unaware of its benefits and in their habit of using traditional fuels like Ron 92 and Ron 95, he said.

Sang proposed another solution which the Government subsidy the gasoline E5 and E10 to encourage consumption.

The subsidization should be able to make the E5 price lower than that of conventional fuel. At present, their prices are same.

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By Lac Phong – Translated by Hai Mien

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